Medialess delivery, part 3

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How to upload music

If you have the music files already prepared, it is now the time to deliver or send the music to the client. You can do it in several ways but I will discuss here two main ways – via online delivery systems or via cloud storage solutions (in the next part).

Online delivery systems

Some of you already use these systems and there are few on the market. There are some differences but the idea is nearly the same. I will show you the step-by-step manual on how to send and receive the music files via WeTransfer. The maximum file size for WeTransfer is 2GB (per upload) which is far more than you will need for music delivery. So, let’s get started.

  1. After landing on the homepage (after skipping the paid offer and agreeing with cookies info) you will see a simple upload form.
  2. Click the + Add files button and select the music files. You can choose more files at once or you can „zip“ them before upload. This is not necessary, since WeTransfer will zip those files for you.
  3. Now you need to fill out „Friend’s email“ which is the clients email. If you client has more email, you can enter more emails into this field.
    NOTE: I don’t use Friend’s email at all and I fill in here also my email. In this scenario I receive both emails and I manually copy&paste the download link and send it with other instructions to client. Less confusing info in the email and the client is not getting too much emails.
  4. Fill in also Your email where you will get a notification email regarding the successful upload.
  5. Message field is for message for your client – you can add some instructions here. But if you would like to send longer messages, I would prefer sending a separate email. As note above, I rather don’t use this field and copy&paste the download link and send a separate message.
  6. Hit Transfer and wait until the files are uploaded on some WeTransfer servers and you receive the confirmation emails.
  7. After the transfer is complete, emails will be sent to both companies – you will get a confirmation email and the client will get an email with download link. If you fill out your email in both fields, client will not receive any download link from WeTransfer.
  8. Now your work as a provider is done and now it needs to be downloaded into the player devices by the client.
  9. Please note that in the free version of WeTransfer the files must be downloaded after 7 days. After this period they are deleted from the server and must be uploaded again.

The download procedure is different for every client – it differs if you use a regular computer (PC or Apple) or if you download the files into smarphones/tablets (Android, iOS or Microsoft). I will try to show you all of the procedures because there are some differences. Below you can find link for the respective procedure:

  • computers:
    • PC Windows (for Windows 8 and Windows 10)
    • Apple Mac OS (actually )
  • smartphones
    • Android smartphone (for version 4.4.2)
    • iPhone 6 smartphone (iOS version ?)
    • Microsoft smartphone (for version )
  • tablets:
    • iPad tablet (iOS version )


Upload procedure with cloud storage solutions (in this case via Dropbox) can be found here.